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What is LABELLEMONTAGNE Carte Blanche?

La Carte Blanche LABELLEMONTAGNE, c’est quoi ?

Goodbye traditional packages!

Hit the resort’s slopes straight away and avoid queues at the till.


Why choose the LABELLEMONTAGNE Carte Blanche?

The benefits

ADVANTAGE 1 You only pay for the days that you use the skiing facilities.
ADVANTAGE 2 No more checkout  queues: direct access to the ski reserve
ADVANTAGE 3 20% off your first six days’ skiing
ADVANTAGE 4 Your 7th day’s skiing free
ADVANTAGE 5 30% discount from the 8th day!


How much is the LABELLEMONTAGNE Carte Blanche?


*Flat rate season pass just €10 until 6th December 2013 and €20 after this date
*Refundable €2 FREE PASS
*Payment for the days that you ski by direct debit from your bank card.


Who’s the LABELLEMONTAGNE Carte Blanche for?

For everyone!

Adults, children, senior citizens, teenagers…


How do I get the LABELLEMONTAGNE Carte Blanche?

Simple, fast and safe!

In 4 clicks sign up to your package online and validate your subscription (direct debit authorisation) directly on the secure site:

And practical too: You can opt to have your packages delivered directly to you or to collect them onsite.