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Take a ride in a snow groomer

An extraordinary adventure that holiday-makers can now share!

The snow groomer drivers of the Labellemontagne resorts invite adventure-seeking holiday-makers of all ages to discover the ups and downs of the slopes at dusk by climbing aboard their snow grooming machines.

A great chance to experience the ski resort in an unusual way, surrounded by the total serenity of the glimmering lights. At daybreak when there is nobody else around on the peaks this is an UNFORGETTABLE experience!

Sign up at the ski lift checkout. The lucky winners will be selected by random draw.


A look back on the unforgettable experience of Patrice who accompanied his son, Lucas, the first winner at Orcières 1850:


“Apart from the fact that taking a ride on a snow groomer is a fairly uncommon concept, I have to say that our encounter with Gérard, a passionate and exciting character, was so enriching that our three and a half hour drive seemed to only last an hour.

We started with conversations regarding technique, the number and the cost of these machines, the fuel consumption, snow canons, the staff etc.. but we quickly got familiar with each other and moved on to discuss the lifestyle of the drivers, their relationships to different staff members of the resort ( the manager, the resort director, the tourist office director, that year’s technical staff, life on the resort…) All this plunged us into a completely unknown universe. Without this information you don’t for one moment anticipate the importance of the work that all these different services do for clients who are often dissatisfied. This changed our outlook: for example, we now fully understand why a slope may need to be closed. The price of the ski lifts now seems much more reasonable…

We listened to the radio exchanges between seven drivers and were surprised by their incredible cohesion and co-operation; each one suggesting to groom this area or that in order to best meet the demands at that time.

We will never forget these impressive sights of tonnes of snow being transported in one continuous roll, a hare surprised by the groomer’s headlight, daybreak with all of the peaks illuminated by the sun changing colour with every moment that went by, the sled dogs waking up near their den. We thank you so much for letting my son and me live this incredibly enriching experience.

We are coming back in January (next week) with a different outlook on your resort which we will now be able to share with other holiday-makers.

Another great big thank you and see you next year as I have fallen in love with Orciéres 1850”.