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Activities :

  • Ski areas :

This is the heart of business LABELLEMONTAGNE Group, which currently has 10 resorts spread between the Vosges (La Bresse-Hohneck, La Schlucht), the Northern Alps (Saint-François Longchamp, Pralognan-la- Vanoise and Crest -Voland/Cohennoz, Notre-Dame de Bellecombe / Flumet and Praz sur Arly that make ski area Espace Diamant), and the Southern Alps (Orcières 1850).


  • Accommodation with special services :

An exclusive strategy at this level, the LABELLEMONTAGNE Group is developing a range of well-appointed accommodations with food venues and innovative services for winter sports.

  • Commercialization :

Because of its expertise in essential services for mountain vacations, the LABELLEMONTAGNE group promotes package holidays through the LABELLEMONTAGNE Agency—ONE Reservation platform for ALL resorts.

  • Related Professions :

The LABELLEMONTAGNE Group builds long-lasting partnerships with local communities in order to contribute to the overall tourism development of these resorts.

Fact sheet LABELLEMONTAGNE Group :

  • Key figures :

– Equity capital: €30 million

– Consolidated turnover 2010: €55 million

– 1000 people at your service (in season).

– 2.1 million skier-days i.e. 4% of the market share in France.

On the investment side, LABELLEMONTAGNE invests an average of 25 to 35% of its revenues each year.



– 10 resorts , 5 ski areas, 3 mountain ranges (Vosges, Savoy and Hautes-Alpes)

– 720 km of slopes

– 140 ski lifts: 1 gondola, 41 chairlifts (3 télémix ® and 12 detachable), 98 draglifts

– 46 Snow groomers, including 12 with a winch

– 700 Snow cannons

– 4 “Opouland” runs (playful runs dedicated to children)


  • Accommodation, food venues and leisure activities

– 4800 bed capacity, in fully furnished apartments Residences and Hotels.

– 6 restaurants (1900 seats) and 3 bars.

– 2 multi-leisure and relaxation complexes (aquatic pool area, ice rink, Wellness centre and other activities).

– 1 “base de loisir” outdoor recreation and leisure Activities Park.

– 1 “Schlitte Mountain” (sled on rails 4-season) and 2 summer sled tracks

Strategy :

To stand out in the landscape of French ski resorts, the LABELLEMONTAGNE Group has relied on :

  • Human-sized resorts with quality ski areas, out of which several merge into large ski areas;
  • An accessible quality/price ratio;
  • Innovative services to facilitate holidays and end the “stumbling blocks” to go skiing.


“We desired to develop our company by making the mountain more user-friendly and affordable, where one can take the time to serenely enjoy a holiday. We facilitate holidays for our customers and have them share the mountain’s values ​​of authenticity and simplicity. Guests are received in the welcoming mountain settings of our comfortable apartments Residences, with a choice of services, for a carefree holiday within their means.”

Jean-Yves Remy, CEO of the LABELLEMONTAGNE group


History :

At the origins of the LABELLEMONTAGNE Group was the company Remy Loisirs, formed in 1961 by a family of hoteliers from the Vosges location La Bresse, which initiated and developed the ski resort and summer recreation activities of Bresse-Hohneck. They created the innovating and Leading resort in the eastern region, prior to initiating a strategy for growth and geographic diversification in the Alps.


  • 1961 :

    Opening of the family hotel Les Vallées.

  • 1967 :

    Creation of the ski resort of La Bresse-Hohneck.

  • 1970 :

    Creation of a complex at the foot of the slopes: Restaurant (1100 seats), ski rental, services.

  • 1983 :

    First in France to operate summer sled equipment, with the acquisition of the resort of La Schlucht.

  • 1987 :

    In La Bresse the first snowmaking installation in France came into service.

  • 1993 :

    First resort to commercialize dawn and evening skiing, with 5 km of lighted runs (largest lighted ski area in Europe).

  • 1996 :

    First expansion externally with the acquisition of concession rights for ski lift services of Saint-François Longchamp in Savoy, which merges with Valmorel into the ski area “Grand Domaine”.

  • 2001 à 2006 :

    Successive takeovers of the resorts Orcières 1850, Pralognan- la-Vanoise, and Crest-Voland/Cohennoz, Notre-Dame de Bellecombe, Flumet and Praz sur Arly—resorts of the ski area Espace Diamant.

  • 2001:

    Creation of an apartment management company with Odalys (Odalys LABELLEMONTAGNE).

  • 2003 :

    Launch of legal process of LABELLEMONTAGNE (registered trademark), with a service quality chart and global communications for the Group’s resorts.

  • 2004 :

    The Group obtains the ISO 9001 Group Certification issued by BV (Bureau Véritas Certification).

  • 2005 :

    The brand LABELLEMONTAGNE is specified in the names of the various subsidiaries/resorts.

  • 2006 :

    Opening of a 4* apartments Residence and a restaurant in Orcières 1850, and a 3* apartments Residence in Val d’Allos 1800.

  • 2007 :

    Renewal of ISO 9001 Group Certification (Bureau Veritas Certification).

    Opening of an apartments Residence in Pralognan-la-Vanoise (Odalys LABELLEMONTAGNE).

  • 2009 :

    Creation of a new company heading the group, the S.A. LABELLEMONTAGNE Management, and increase of Group’s equity, with a capital contribution of 6.5 million Euros.

    New Shopping and Tourist centre and a new snowfront at the foot of the slopes in La Bresse Hohneck.

    New apartments Residence in Orcières 1850 (Terrasses de la Bergerie) and Notre-Dame Bellecombe (Odalys LABELLEMONTAGNE)

  • 2010 :

    Renewal of ISO 9001 certification for the LABELLEMONTAGNE group (BV Certification), with expansion to the whole of the Group..

    First apartments Residence (Les Grandes Feignes) on the snowfront at the bottom of the slopes in La Bresse Hohneck.

  • 2011 :

    2nd phase of apartments Residence Les Grandes Feignes and complete refurbishment of the ski area Vologne in La Bresse-Vologne Hohneck.

LABELLEMONTAGNE a group with a future

A solid family company Group with means for development.

The Remy family still holds a majority (over 70%); however the Group’s capital is also backed by a group of investors.


In 2009, the increase of capital has allowed existing shareholders, Avenir Entreprises and I.L.P, to renew their confidence, and new shareholders, Siparex Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes and 5F, to join the LABELLEMONTAGNE Group. The family company Group obtained the means to pursue its external development.

“This transaction marks another important milestone in the existence of the LABELLEMONTAGNE Group, which aims to see its trusted name as a reference in the “mountain world” and pursue its development objectives,” affirms Jean-Yves REMY, CEO.

Florent Lauzet, deputy director of Siparex, stated: “We believe in the strong fundamentals of this family business, because of its management quality as well as the originality and readability of its positioning. Siparex therefore accompanies LABELLEMONTAGNE in this operation, providing it with the means to accelerate expansion. “