A signature guarantee of an innovative tourism

The LABELLEMONTAGNE brand was born in 2003 with the Group’s desire to unite all of its activities. This decision helped establish the strategy for growth and diversification of management and operation of ski areas and accommodation through the French mountains.


All the Group’s resorts were branded LABELLEMONTAGNE and are dedicated to fulfill the service quality chart. LABELLEMONTAGNE signifies the pledge for innovative tourism, respectful of human values ​​and local cultures that create the charm of its resorts.

And it works!

According to the detailed satisfaction survey conducted* in the 10 LABELLEMONTAGNE resorts, the main reasons to come are :


  • Quality of care for families
  • Atmosphere in the resort
  • Competitive price of stay
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Direct slope access
  • Loyalty to the resort

* Survey Eficéo, autumn 2018, with 9123 people.

LABELLEMONTAGNE, sense of service

Time means skiing !
Everything is designed to facilitate ski holidays and make them accessible.
Advantage : You can vary the fun, by changing resorts while maintaining the same level of service and quality.


The + innovative :

  • Ski Pass shipped to your home and refundable without motif or justification: Ski Pass “Liberté”
  • Delivery of groceries to your accommodation: Le Plus Courses Livrées (The Plus delivered groceries)
  • Delivery of rental ski equipment to your accommodation: Pack Confort (Comfort Package)
  • All-inclusive stay (accommodation, ski passes, delivery of ski rental equipment and groceries (Le plus Courses Livrées): Pack Trop Facile (Too Easy Package)
  • Free introduction to ski for adults: Ski Découverte (Discover skiing)
  • Invitation to discover new ski areas: Carte Ski Plus (Ski Plus Pass)

The + astute:

  • Ski Aurore (dawn) or Ski Nocturne (night)
  • Ski advantageous option for the regional clientele: the Carte Blanche
  • Rental of ski wear: Pack Antiglagla (AntiFreeze package)
  • Comfort on the slopes: picnic and rest areas, information points, ski locker rooms…
  • Carpooling site LABELLEMONTAGNE

The + high-tech :

  • Iphone Apps
  • Club “MyLABELLEMONTAGNE”: a community website, with benefits, freebies and discounts

And for children ?

  • The Opoual universe: entertainment, playful runs “Opoualand”, a handbook, a contest, a dedicated website…
  • Operation “LABELLEMONTAGNE resorts invite the children”: During the first week of the French Christmas and Easter holidays, your children are our guests !